Elite Driver

Larry Williams Trucking has announced our “Elite Driver” Program!



The ELITE Driver program highlights and recognizes the safest, most customer service oriented and efficient drivers in our fleet. These drivers have a proven track record of conducting themselves in a manner that exemplifies what a driver a Larry Williams Trucking should aspire to be. Below are the criteria to become a Larry Williams ELITE driver:

  1. Must be employed for at least 90 days.
  2. Travel at least 2500 miles average per week
  3. Have no preventable crashes (90 days)
  4. Have no roadside inspection write ups (90 days)
  5. No company violation writeups (90 days)
  6. No customer service complaints (90 days)
  7. No motorist complaints (90 days)
  8. Average fuel mileage of 7.25 mpg (90 days)
  • Idle time of no more than 15% overall
  • No more than 4% Operating idle
  • No more than 3% Short idle


Contact the Safety Department for Complete Details!

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