Drivers, We Need You!

Larry Williams Trucking welcomes drivers that are looking for a family-run trucking company. Our focus is to provide opportunities for every driver or contract operator. We need you! Larry Williams Trucking has the miles available and new equipment ready for you. We are a family-owned and run company, and we aim to treat all our employees, especially our drivers, like family.

If you are tired of big companies that push you to your limits and do not know how to take care of their employees, maybe it is time to break free and get a fresh start with Larry Williams Trucking!

About Us

Our founder and President, Larry Williams, has spent nearly 50 years in the trucking industry. Working diligently learning the industry, Larry has been a driver, dispatcher, and broker. Larry Williams Trucking, LLC was finally introduced in 2002 and has grown exponentially since then. His family roots run deep in the industry and in our community too. You’ll find the Williams family working along side their coworkers in our home offices in beautiful West Siloam Springs, Ok.
Today, whether Company OTR, Regional, Shuttle, or Contract Operator, Larry Williams Trucking is a family-owned business that provides safe, reliable, on-time services that fit our customers growing needs. Our knowledgeable operations team keeps our drivers moving, providing them with the miles they want and need. We treat our drivers and employees with respect and acceptance, which is why our goal at LWT is to create a safe, peaceful, and supportive working environment for all its members.

Let’s talk a little about the LWT group. I can break it down like this. Start with the L, this stands for loyal and professional teammates. W stands for warm family friendly teammates. T stands for TEAM. As you all know there is no I in team. I have been in this business for 33 years. I can clearly say this is the best job I have ever had in the trucking industry.

From time to time there is going to be problems in the industry, whether or not it is personal or professional. LWT Team is ready to help you find a solution from Larry’s door all the way down to the cleaning lady. They are willing to help everyone. They are courteous and want to find the right solution to your problem or answer your questions. Most stress-free job I have ever had in the industry, and it all starts with you being a person and not a truck number.

Larry Williams Team is always there for me, and I do appreciate those helping make this a great company. I appreciate all the hard work you all do, and Larry Williams Trucking makes my job enjoyable.

Randy S. , Company Driver
Peterbilt Truck Sunset

Larry Williams Trucking has plans for growth over the next three years to provide new equipment for each driver or contractor. A successful path in transportation starts with new equipment and excellent customers for a driver or contract operator.

SR Executive Recruiter


Here’s Your Sign

Larry Williams Trucking has been family owned and operated since 2002.  Our modest fleet runs dedicated lanes so you can be sure you’re going to get the miles.   But, if you still aren’t convinced, consider this:

Our Equipment.  We have been known to be exclusively Peterbilt, but this year we decided to shake things up a bit and bring on a few Kenworth’s.  Best move ever!

Our Team.  Yes, we are tooting our horn because we’re awesome.   The driver/dispatcher ratio is about 15:1, so you’re going to be able to actually talk to the same person day after day.    Our dispatchers are so impressive that they have reloads scheduled even before the first load is delivered!

Our Drivers.  We love our drivers. Period.  Even if you wear socks with sandals, we love you.   If you can run 3500-4000 miles a week, we’ll love you even more… we’ll love you long time.

Still not sure about making the move?   Give us a call and talk to a recruiter today or  fill out our online application.  This is the sign you’ve been looking for.

September 24, 2021|
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