Welcome to Larry Williams Trucking!

Welcome to Larry Williams Trucking! And welcome to our new website! We are still working on gathering more content for this website, so this website will expand over time. In the meantime, note a few highlights of our new website:

End (Footer) of Each Page

  • Quick Contact Form to reach Safety, Shop, and Recruiting
  • Request a Quote Form for potential customers to request a rate quote.

Drivers We Need You Page

  • List of Reasons why to drive for Larry Williams Trucking

Driver Benefits Page

  • A list of company benefits, and provider links to quickly assist employees.

Career Opportunities Page

  • Open job positions and information about them will be quickly accessible on this page.

Contact Page

  • Find phone numbers to each department
  • Send messages to most* departments

(*Due to the sensitive information associated with HR & Payroll, those departments do not have a web contact form)

Coming soon, we aim to have a blog up and running. We plan on having other job postings, surveys, and how to reminders as some of the content. Note some of the more exciting content planned:

  • Driver Shout Outs (We appreciate our drivers, and we want to draw attention to them)
  • Event Coverage (Driver Appreciation Day, Safe Driving Appreciation, etc.)
  • Health and Safety (Informative articles on health and safety for truck drivers while on the road. Posts will address safety concerns when dealing with weather, other drivers, and other road conditions.)
  • Meet Your Team (Interviews with your team, whether it be other drivers, shop, or office.)
  • Food On The Road (Ideas on what food to eat while on the road. These posts can be what to shop for (and money saving tips doing so) or interesting places to eat while on the road. We hope to receive driver recommendations and thoughts on this topic)

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